Voiceovers Direct Terms and Conditions

Voiceovers Direct is run by one guy who likes to keep things simple to understand in human terms so we both know what's what.

Also see the Platform Privacy Policy

My personal policy with regards to terms and conditions is to acknowledge most folk don't read them, and those that do don't need punishing with 15,000 words of legal word-twisting that none 'Bar' initiates of The Law Society understand.

Signup Terms

By creating a site with Voiceovers Direct you accept these terms and conditions of service.

Demos / Showreels

You must upload at least one mp3 demo / showreel when you create your account and website. You can upload up to five on that initial screen, and can only add more than five once you've upgraded your account.

Your demos need to sound professionally produced: this means no hisses, pops, crackles, background noises, barking dogs, kids screaming, trucks going by, fire alarms, washing machines, air conditioning, furnaces etc. Plus it's be really handy if you had some acting skills and mic technique too.

I don't care who produced your showreel, it could be Chuck Duran, JMC, or your mum, it doesn't matter as long as it sounds professional.

The Right to Reject based on Audio Quality

You need to be "Sales and Market Ready", if you upload demo material which is not of a high enough standard I reserve the right to delete your site. I don't wish to be too harsh here but if your audio sucks this is not the place for you. Voiceovers Direct is a platform to build upon existing skills, it is not for those who are yet to hone their skills and highlight them in at least one demo.

Unlike some platform owners, I don't care if you're trained or not: I only care that you sound flawless. I know amazing talent who haven't undergone any professional training in the Voice Arts, and also know professionally trained graduates of well respected Acting Schools who just can't bring a script to life.

Artist / Trading / Stage / Equity Name

The name you give will form a part of your Voiceovers Direct website address, example: name.voiceovers.direct

You can use your own domain name instead of name.voiceovers.direct at no extra charge.

You do not have to give your website your real name, it can be your Equity name, or the name you trade with on other platforms.

Your name will be visible all over your website. It's public and you understand I'll publish what you tell the system: in other words, if you don't want me to publish your name on your website don't sign up, it sounds daft, yeah, but you know how ridiculous terms and privacy statements have to be.

The Right to Reject unprofessional / dodgy Names

This is a platform for professional talent only, if you sign up with a username that feels more suited to Reddit or Twitter I reserve the right to delete your site as I only want legitimate, professional, full-time artists using the platform: usernames like "Voiceover Bob" etc are fine as long as they match your branding on other platforms, this will make it easier for your clients at places like Voices.com or Fiverr to find you direct.

Names on the platform are on a first-come first-served basis.

Email Addresses are published and public

You must give an email address, it will be public as it will be displayed on your website, and embedded into your demo downloads.

You understand that I have to put your email address on your website so people can contact you, I am not breaching your data rights, or privacy: you are giving me your details with the intent of my platform making it public for your potential clients, even if this is at the cost of the occasional bit of spam which is outside my control.

You must confirm your email address, you do not have to do this at the same time you create your site, it can be deferred to a time that's best for you.

If you wish to change your email address at any other time in the future this can be done through the control panel which will send you a confirmation code to validate the request prior to updating anything.

Phone numbers are published and public

You must give a phone number, again this will be public and will be displayed on your website, and embedded into your demo downloads.

You must confirm your telephone number, this is done in realtime on the control panel where you will be sent a confirmation code to enter before the number can be updated.

You understand that I have to put your phone number on your website so people can contact you, I am not breaching your data rights, or privacy: you are giving me your details me with the intent of my platform making it public for your potential clients, even if this is at the cost of the occasional unsolicited sales call which again is outside my control.

Maintaining Privacy with Public Numbers

If you do not wish to promote your personal phone number on your site, I understand, there's a few things you can do to keep your main number private:

User Actions Grant Consent and Acceptance of these Terms

By clicking the button to create your site and start your free trial you agree to the terms and conditions, and privacy policy, of this website. There is no box to tick. You consent and agreement is implied by your proceeding with the registration.

Further proof of your consent to these terms include the verification of your email address, the verification of your phone number, and the promotion of your Voiceovers Direct website.

Up to 1 Year Free Trial Terms

You have up to a full year to test the service is right for you, and has the potential to generate revenue for your VO Business through direct sales.

A free trial is to test a product works: when you get your first sale it confirms the products works, therefore your free trial will end shortly after.

The moment you gain your first paying customer through your website is the moment the platform has fully proven itself as a revenue generator for you.

Your free trial will expire seven full days from the moment your first order was processed, or 365 days from the moment you signed up if you do not generate any sales: whichever comes first.

Free Trial Limitations

The only limits that are placed on free trials are:

By signing up you agree that you understand your trial could last one week, or may last 53 weeks depending on your success at generating a sale.

Maximum Trial Duration

The maximum duration of any free trial is theoretically 53 weeks.

This would only apply when a user has made their first sale via the platform on day 365 of their free trial.

Minimum Trial Duration

The minimum duration of any free trial is theoretically 7 days, unless you choose to upgrade sooner.

This would only apply when a user has signed up, created a site and managed to secure a sale on their very first day.

You agree to a trial with a variable duration.

Post Trial Website Statuses

If you reach the end of a year trial your website will only display Free Trial Expired

If your site generated a sale for you during the free trial period, that "proof of platform" reduced any free trial period to a further seven days, and if that seven days elapses without an account upgrade, your website will only display Proven Trial Expired

Voiceovers Direct is a Subscription Service

When you upgrade your account you understand you will be billed each month.

By upgrading your account you are stating you have thoroughly tested the features Voiceovers Direct offers to your satisfaction.

By having such an opportunity to prove the concept works and is viable you waiver your right to a refund.

Subscription Costs

The full premium service will cost the following each month:

These are introductory prices with a 50% discount applied. Any custom signing up on this introductory price will be kept on that price for life as appreciation for being an early adopter.

Currency selection is automatic.

Termination of Service

Outside the trial period you pay in advance for the coming month's service, you can cancel your subscription at any time, there's no contract to lock you in. If you want to delete your site the steps are highlighted on your account dashboard.

Cancelling through your Account Dashboard

You can cancel your subscription through your Account Dashboard at Billing.

Cancelling through your PayPal Account

You can also cancel your subscription through your PayPal Account.

Cancelling your subscription will cancel your website.

Your website will be cancelled at the end of the period of service that you have pre-paid for.

In the event of your website being cancelled it will only display Website Cancelled after the paid up period has expired.

You will be able to resume service by re-subscribing from your Account Control Panel: if you cancel your subscription through your PayPal Account there will be a short delay before you can create a new subscription.

Missed Payments

Voiceovers Direct subscriptions with PayPal are setup to bill every month and will attempt to collect any outstanding payments.

"If a subscription payment fails at the start of the billing cycle, PayPal retries the payment every five days for a maximum of two retries until the next billing cycle is reached. If the second retry attempt fails, PayPal increments the failed payment count by one, places the failed payment amount in the outstanding balance, and adds it to the next billing cycle."

Your website will be suspended after two missed payments.

Website Suspensions

In the event of your website being suspended it will only display Website Suspended.

To recover your account from suspension you will need to pay the full outstanding balance plus an late payment fee equal to one month service charge.

Payment of the outstanding fees, and a month service charge as a late fee, does not automatically resubscribe you to the service: it only clears the slate and makes the button to subscribe to the service available to you again.

Slate Cleaning Charges

To clean the slate you will need to pay for the two outstanding months, plus a third month's fee as late payment charge.

No Refunds

You understand and agree there shall not be any refunds from this platform, any PayPal payment disputes will be counter-disputed and PayPal staff will be made aware of these terms; this clause that stipulates the are no refunds, and the other clause referencing such a policy.

Chargebacks are declarations of War

I will fight any chargebacks.

Chargebacks will be disputed, and anyone initiating a chargeback may be subject to legal action offline to recoup the costs of the chargeback. If your actions leave me out of pocket and you fall under the same Legal Jurisdiction as myself I shall seek redress.

Voiceovers Direct is a platform, not a publisher

I'm not going to censor you. I'll leave that kind of behaviour ot Mark Zuckerburg and Jack Dorsey's Thought Police.

These terms allow you to publish anything you want, the condition being what you publish is on your shoulders as a publisher, and not on mine as a platform provider. I will only take a site down if it was created by someone who uploaded dire audio, or fails to pay outside the trial period, or if ordered by a court that holds jurisdiction over me, or if the primary user behind that site is bringing harm or damage to either the platform or any platform users.

What you put on your pages is your business, and your responsibility.


None. Service provided as is, though whatever "as is" may be at any given time, I always want it to be better.

As a platform it makes no claim to what earnings it could bring you: the success of your Voiceovers Direct website and the sales you generate from it will directly correlate to how much effort you put into marketing yourself, building a brand, setting client perceptions and generating traffic.

Voiceovers Direct is NOT A MARKETPLACE

Voiceovers Direct is NOT like Fiverr, Voices, or any others: Voiceovers Direct does NOT have buyers, finding buyers of your Voice is your responsibility, the platform is here to make it easy for your visitors to buy from you, it is not the role of the platform to match-make and forge relationships between buyers and sellers.


You understand that by trading direct with a buyer you may be subject to payment disputes and chargebacks, these are out of the control of Voiceovers Direct as a platform.

File Uploads

Any audition script files that are uploaded to your site by visitors are to be downloaded at your own risk.

No SSH or FTP / (s)FTP Access

There is no SSH or File Transfer access to your website: all administration of your site will be done through the control panel.

Affiliate Partnership

Users you refer to the platform that go on to subscribe to the fully paid service will earn you a finder's fee as my personal way of saying thanks; it means I don't have to share a fatter slice for a longer term by cutting in a business partner.

New accounts must use your signup link or your Invitation Code from your dashboard, I have to be able to track the invitation came from you; this site does not use any cookies during this process: users either click a link that contains your site reference in the address, or they enter your Invitation Code by hand, that data is only stored should the user sign up, and if you were to change your site address at any time their link to you will be maintained to ensure your accounts and upgrades are always logged accurately.

The platform charges customers $49.99 / €44.99 / £39.99 per month, I am happy to share a subscriber's first two months payments with you, rounded up to full figures (so £39.99 x 2 becomes £80 etc), when that client has paid me a third time: this means I get a new subscriber, you get a pretty nice thank you slice, and I can use the rest to move the business forward.

When a subscriber's third payment has been processed the system will automatically send you an email inviting you to send me an invoice which I'll then settle as quickly as I can: all payments will be via PayPal and in the currency the subscriber signed up in, therefore a client paying me Dollars will earn you Dollars, and likewise with both Euros and Pounds.

Invoices must contain the reference the system mailed you when it notified you about that subscriber's payment earning you a reward.

Commissions must be claimed within 90 days of a referred user's third payment: failure to claim the reward within that time relinquishes that reward.