Voiceovers Direct Privacy Policy

Voiceovers Direct is run by one guy who likes to keep things simple to understand in human terms so we both know what's what.

Also see the Platform Terms and Conditions

My policy with regards to data collection is simple, if I don't need it, I won't ask you for it and if I do need it, I'll ask for it and make it clean what I'm going to use that information for.


The system knows what country you're in: the server setup is automatically told where your request is coming from, it does not store this data, unless it's linked to an account signup or a sale, but it will be used to tailor pages to timezones, currencies and in some cases tax settings.

Your website will know the country your visitors are in and visitor data is processed via Plausible Analytics.

Order Processing

When one of your clients buys through your website, the platform will store the following information:

Voiceovers Direct will message your customers on your behalf and outside that use case has no reason to ever contact your clients, and does not store their information for any other means than your own order processing: the monitoring of this information is vital to ensure the smooth operation of the platform, and your data, and your client data, is never shared, leased, sold, nor rented, etc, it's your data and we'll keep it close.

Your contact details; name, email and phone number, will all be shared with your clients in their "Thank you for your order" emails. You can update the contents of the emails clients get when they purchase on your Control Panel under the "Commerce Settings".


The Newsletter application will ask subscribers for:

All subscriber details are kept safe: they are not sold, rented, leased, or used in any other way than to send you the updates you'd like.

The newsletter system is double opt-in, this means subscribers must complete a form online and then click a confirmation link in their inbox in order to join the list. They will only be added to the mailing list upon clicking the confirmation link.

Unsubscribing can be done at any time, subscribers can leave the list with a single-click, I developed it to be easy to leave: once a subscriber has clicked the unsubscribe button it will not send them another email, not even to confirm they've been opted out.

Any mails sent to subscribers will contain all the information they need to contact the Newsletter owner, and unsubscribe. You can edit this data at any time in your Control Panel under the "Newsletter Settings".

Account Signup

To create and manage your account, and your voice artist website, this system will ask for:


Unless you login this website does not use cookies, it is GDPR, CCPA and PECR and friendly out of the box.

By default no client websites use cookies, this can be over-ridden by a talent who can embed remote content into their sites with iframes that may drop cookies on the end user.

Unless you were to embed an iframe into your site, or use the platform to inject JavaScript that uses cookies there's no need to disrupt the flow of your visitor with stupid cookie notices, consent forms and all that stuff that's made the web uncomfortable to use.

Free from Social Spyware

This website does not use Google Analytics, it does not use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter plugins.

Cookie Free YouTube Embeds

This website and client websites do not call embedded YouTube videos from the primary YouTube URL, instead it uses youtube-nocookie.com which only sets a cookie on the end user's browser once they've clicked play. This can be over-ridden by a user who may embed markup into a page that plays videos from the normal YouTube URL which will place cookies in your visitor's browser.

With a little help from our friends

Big love to the following, they help glue this all together and make the Magick happen!

Analytics: Plausible
CDN / DDoS: CloudFlare
Email: Mailgun
Payment Processing: PayPal
Servers: DigitalOcean (in Frankfurt via Interxion)
SMS: Vonage
Whois Lookups: Whois XML API