How can Voiceovers Direct help empower your VO Business?

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Early 2022. I'm currently creating the systems required for you to control your site with ease.

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Yes! Voiceovers Direct is the alternative to VoiceZAM. It would be a joy to help you dump the cookie ridden spyware that's the default demo player in the industry. Please get in touch with your current website address so I can take a look, then I'll help you through a custom migration at no charge, or should I say, without any ZAM Upgrades!

I built Voiceovers Direct in the time it took me to still be waiting for a reply from when I emailed VoiceZAM months ago.

I personally promise you a better platform, a better price and better support.

Read about why I built Voiceovers Direct.

If you opt for a basic demo / showreel player with Voiceover website you can have it free for 90 days, after which you will need to upgrade if you want to continue using the service. if you use the e-commerce engine, once you have made a sale, you need to upgrade to a full account within seven days, and if you don't generate any sales in 90 days it hasn't cost you anything. See pricing.

The entire system is flexible enough for you to be able to configure the options on an order for anything you wish, like Social Media usage, YouTube Pre-Roll, commercial usage, record by moonlight in odd socks, it's as flexible as an Olympic Gold medal winning Russian gymnast.

You can add whatever type of usage rights you want to an order. If you're selling broadcast spots there's a module for that which allows you to bill in accordance with audience size. It enables you to sell UK TV ads at the going ( advised rate with BFS and TVR caclulator built in, there is also an Equity minimum rate UK Radio ratecard calculator, and dedicated Broadcast Billing modules.

Voiceovers Direct is not a marketplace, nor does it ever aspire to be one. It's a platform that enables you to sell direct to your clients, how you find those clients is 100% on your shoulders. It's cool how you bring traffic to your site, as long as it's ethical and above board.

There's a saying that goes like this: "don't wake the baby". Autoplaying your demo could in theory wake a baby, fill a house with screams and all of a sudden your great demo is a source of great resent.Many browsers have autoplay disabled as it doesn't align well with the internet's best practices.

That would depend on who you are, why you want to self-host and how you'd want to licence it, agency and enterprise deals are available by negotiation, get in touch for more information.

Voiceovers Direct is built as a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform which manages all the techie stuff for you, it is designed so that you can use your own domain with it, your account control panel will guide you through this step by step.

Yes and no, it wasn't designed to be a blogging platform, WordPress is best for that. It is however built on a framework that can manipulated into behaving almost any way you wish, whilst blogging as such isn't a feature it's not beyond the scope of possibilities: you'd just need to manually curate a secondary index page that is linked to your posts, which you could then append or prepend to your index page. It would not be dynamic like WordPress, at least not in the initial build release.

Ooh, that's an exciting question! What do you need it do for your Voiceover business?

I'm already intrigued, please share your thoughts, I'd love to help, and maybe it could help other Voice Artists too.

You can easily upload any images you want to your website, but before you go adding a BMW logo think how a buyer from Mercedes would feel upon seeing it: could it alienate their business? Pick any brand you've worked with, then think promoting that could cost you work from their competitors.

If you've got traffic, an audience and reach, hit me up and we'll make some magic happen.

Yes, it can be used as a "Drop-In" iFrame embed, a "Pop-Up" window or full website.

Please see What it does for more information and examples.

Is there anything you'd still like help with?

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