Answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my PayPal account?

On your Control Panel there are Commerce Settings and a short guide to walk you through setting up your PayPal Merchant ID.

How do I use my own Domain Name?

Under Domain on your Control Panel there's a guide to walk you through setting up your domain name so it resolves at Voiceovers Direct.

Can I make the Demo Player autoload?

There's a saying that goes like this: "don't wake the baby". Autoplaying your demo could in theory wake a baby, fill a house with screams and all of a sudden your great demo is a source of great resent.

Many browsers have autoplay disabled as it doesn't align well with the internet's best practices.

You can however make your demo player run through all items in the cart stack, once the user has cicked play, see Sequential Playing on the Demo Control Panel, it can also optionally play through the stack one more time, see Repeat Playlist on the Demo Control Panel.

Can I use it as a Drop-In or Pop-Up?

Yes, it can be used as a "Drop-In" iFrame embed, a "Pop-Up" window or full blown, all singing, all dancing website.

Your Control Panel has an Embed Section which lists all the pages on your site, the options to suppress certain features, and a link generator to make embedding, or sharing your website easy.

Can I add Commercial Rights to an order?

The entire system is flexible enough for you to be able to configure the options on an order for anything you wish, like Social Media usage, YouTube Pre-Roll, commercial usage, record by moonlight in odd socks, it's as flexible as an Olympic Gold medal winning Russian gymnast.

Can I add Broadcast Rights to an order?

You can add whatever type of usage rights you want to an order. If you're selling broadcast spots there's a module for that which allows you to bill in accordance with audience size. It enables you to sell UK TV ads at the going ( advised rate with BFS and TVR caclulator built in, there is also an Equity minimum rate UK Radio ratecard calculator, and dedicated Broadcast Billing modules.

Can I host it on my own server?

No. Voiceovers DIrect is fully hosted and fully managed, there is no self-hosting option, nor are there any plans to release a self-hosted version.

You can however use your own domain name: your Control Panel will guide you through this step by step in the Domain Settings.

Does your platform have buyers like VDC et al?

Voiceovers Direct is not a marketplace.

It's a platform that enables you to sell direct to your clients, how you find those clients is 100% on your shoulders. It's cool how you bring traffic to your site, as long as it's ethical and above board.