What it does

It makes Mobile-friendly websites for Voice Talent

From Demo Player to Lead Generating Sales Machine. It's all taken care of so you can focus on your performance.

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Drop-Ins, Pop-Ups and Full-Sites

The choice is yours: embed it into a current site, or use it as a full VO website. Use yourname.com or yourname.voiceovers.direct as your web address.

Drop-Ins and Pop-Ups

Drop-In iframe embeds and pop-up windows are perfect for when you've already got a website. Your control panel will give you the code you need.

Demo / Showreel Player

300px x 500px iFrame Demo Player (without "Call To Action" buttons):

300px x 600px iFrame Demo Player (with "Call To Action" buttons):

"Call To Action" buttons can be enabled, configured and disabled on a product by product basis.

Call To Acton link: UK Radio Campaign Module

The "UK Radio" application is designed to bill Equity recommended minimum rates for UK Radio commercial reads, based on bands, each can be tailored to suit a talent's specific pricing.

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iFrame UK Radio Campaign Module:

Call To Acton link: UK TV Campaign Module

The "UK TVR / BSF" application is designed to bill-scale for UK TV broadcast spots, based on Television Ratings and your Base Studio Fee. National Network and Regional Campaign costs are calculated to industry standards.

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iFrame UK TV Campaign Module:

Call To Acton link: Multi-Option Order Module

The "Multi-Option" application allows you to sell whatever add-ons and upgrades you wish.

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iFrame Mult-Option Order Module:

Call To Acton link: Multi-Script Order Module

The "Multi-Script" application makes it easy to sell one, two, three, four, five, or five-hundred scripts to a client.

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iFrame Multi-Script Order Module:

Call To Acton link: Contact Form with Audition Script Upload

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iFrame Contact Form:

Product Listing / Order Index

Drop-Ins can be setup to include any page, any application, your product index or a specific product.

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550px x 500px iFrame Order Index:

575px x 100% iFrame Order Index:

Full Sites

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500px x 100% iFrame Full Site: