How it Works

For Voice Talent

It's a demo player, website, lead generator and sales machine all-in-one!

1) Upload Demos

Upload your 'Sonic Branding' to WOW the ears of buyers.

Set your contact details so potential Voice Buyers can get in touch.

The platform will make your website in an instant.

2) Set Prices

Setup your products and your pricing.

List your services, and create your product offering for buyers.

Charge what you want! Usage rights, and by the number of scripts, or by the number of words.

3) Share Site

Tell people about your new website.

Get visitors to your new online store, share your site on your profiles, and with contacts.

Convert visitors into direct clients with your demos and showreels!

For Voice Buyers

There's no barriers to visitors converting into buyers.

1) They find

Clients find you from your own marketing efforts, and it does take effort!

Market your own website, not your Pay To Play or Freelance profiles. Buyer and Talent work direct.

Share your site ethically on social media and online profiles. Entice Google with great content.

2) They listen

Your 'Sonic Branding' must WOW their ears!

They can listen to and download your demo showreels.

Your name, email and phone number are embedded into your downloads.

3) They like

Do they want to contact you; upload an audition or buy now?

Turning visitors into buyers is the aim of the game! Offer visitors the options that are best for them.

When they buy direct from you all the payment goes to you! Minus PayPal processing fees.